Playtime Ideas When Playing With Your American Bulldog

Playing is the important activity between you, as the owner, and your american bulldog. Not only this activity will bring you closer with your bulldog but it will also increase the socialization for the dog and will develop confidence and assurance when playing. If you’re planning to start from the beginning by buying a american bulldog puppy, then you will know that it is a big responsibility for you. You have to be sure that your pup is happy and contented, healthy and safe. Because if you just bought the puppy without be prepared then you will be in a lot of trouble.


When you’re ready to begin adopting the puppy, then you know what you’ve gotten yourself into. It takes a lot of your time and patience when training and discipling your dog. However the important training that your puppy needs to know at the early age is playtime. This is important for you as the owner and your puppy. The playtime activity is the perfect opportunity for you to form a friendship between man and beast.

Here are some of the fun ideas when playing with your american bulldog puppy.

● Learn your puppy’s behavior. It is a good start to learn about your pups behavior as earlier as possible. You might notice the things that you puppy likes to play with and so use that as an opportunity to start with your playtime.
● Stop any form of bad habits before it develops. If you notice that he’s developing bad habits be sure to be quick and efficient when discipling him. Bad habits will become a problem when he grows into an adult.
● Observe your american bulldog carefully. Watch carefully for any signs as your puppy plays. It is important to know if your dog is aggressive or friendly when socializing with other humans and dogs. At least you will know your pup’s moods.
● Train your puppy as soon as you can. Train them when they’re still young. They will learn to listen to your commands easily but it takes time, so repeat the process until they get it.


You got the basics already the rest will be up to you. It takes imagination, creativity and great timing to know what your puppy’s preference are. As your pup grows into a proper adult, your pet will soon learn to associate the training and playtime that they had when they were little as you being its provider, leader and master, so the bulldog will surely follow your words and listen to your commands more easily. Naturally, american bulldogs are aggressive as they grow but with time and patience, you can handle these type of breed flawlessly.