American Bulldog – What are its Weaknesses?

The average lifespan of the American Bulldog breed is between 8 and 14 years. The concerns over this breed when it comes to its health surrounds with congenital deafness, bone cancer, thyroid, entropion, and hip dysplasia.


They have very high rates of elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia, which is according to the Orthopedic Foundation of America. The group evaluated the breed’s hip X-rays from some 1218 and from that figure, they found about 32 percent of them have dysplastic problems, which is the 15th worst figure of the 142 breeds. Added to that, 20% of the study showed elbow X-rays have dysplastic problems, too. This is on the 7th of the 82 dog breed. But this is only based on this number in the study. The true rates have an entirely higher figure since most of the bad X-rays did not make it to the study to get an official evaluation.

Aside from the dysplastic problems, the eye entropion problem is particularly common among the American Bulldog breed that has facial folds that are heavy.

American Bulldogs also develop a lot of skin problems, too. Demodectic mange develops mostly in this breed, particularly on adolescents and puppies. The allergies associated with this problem cause itchiness and can lead to bacterial infection on the skin such as pyoderma.

They also have the tendency to inherit deafness from the previous generation or one of the two American Bulldogs bred together that has the problem.

Preventing Health Issues
Some problems associated with the American Bulldog are genetic, meaning that they are inherited from their parents. These inherited health issues have become an increasing problem in this breed these days because of unwise practices with breeding.

The other health issues are environmental, meaning that it was caused by the way owners raised their dogs.

Concerns about this breed
If you wish to adopt this dog breed into your family, you should consider the things that will prevent the health issues above from happening.


Look for a reputable breeder that practices good breeding techniques so as not to end up with a puppy that has the genetic health concerns of its parents.

You should always engage in exercise with your American Bulldog, especially with mental stimulation. If you don’t, they will express their boredom from being left without expending their energy on excessive barking and even chewing all of your things at your lawn or inside your home.