American Bulldog – What are its Strengths?

The strengths of an American Bulldog lies heavily on their personality traits. These muscular dogs possess great strength, confidence, determination, and tenacity. This breed is best to own by the most active people in life, especially the ones that are interested in developing the breed’s athletic abilities in farm work, hunting, agility, obedience and pulling on weight. They are usually self-possessed and calm; he needs to be engaged in a vigorous exercise to keep them happy and well fit.


This breed’s attitude when it comes to strangers vary, whether it is standoffish or friendly. People should not take their friendly American Bulldogs as they do not make a good guard dog – they can also be vigilant guardians for their owners. It is a must for them to socialize them with other dogs and even more human contact to promote their discriminating and stable temperament. They can become destructive when they are left alone for too long, but it lives for the family that they live with. There are aggression problems associated with American Bulldogs, which is why early socialization is a must for them. It will also help them if they socialize with other animal species, too, especially with the cats.

They are strong-willed, but he can learn fast and respect the owner who is both consistent and confident.

Due to the image that the media and the public have placed on dog breeds that look like the pit bull, American Bulldogs are recommended to be put on a leash outside the yard and must be trained with the most basic obedience.


This is the right breed for you if…
1) Very strong-willed, powerful and muscular look of a dog, built like they are modeled after a Mack truck
2) They look very imposing, and because of this kind of shape, it can be used as an effective deterrent. However, they are good-natured that can deal well with people
3) They thrive a lot with aggressive, athletic activities
4) A low-maintenance dog that has a sleek coat that is easy to groom

This is not the right breed for you if…
1) If you do not like large dogs that take up a lot of space in the car or your house
2) Aggressive exercises
3) Exuberant jumping and rowdiness, especially when they are young
4) The tendency to be aggressive toward other animals
5) One that needs a lot of socializing to get well with other animals, dog breed and people