American Bulldog – Its Physical Appearances

The American Bulldog is well-built, look stocky with meat, not to mention it’s got some powerful jaws. They have a higher height on the leg and even got agility even better than their English brothers, but still got that fair and square compact body. If you take a look at history, the breed is mainly white colored, but over the years they have grown into different color patterns such as brindle, fawn, brown, red and black.


The merle and blue colors are usually not desirable, not to mention it does not pass the quality standard for this breed. The nose and eye rims must be black, although some pink is passable. They have straight, strong and heavy front legs, while their hind legs are thick and broad; and muscles that are well defined. They have square heads, thick necks, and wide chests. The preferred standard bite of its teeth is the reverse scissor, yet the scissor and under bite do not disqualify the breed when they participate in the show ring. There is no single shape for the ears – the variety is of shapes like a rose, forward flap, half-pricked and cropped. Their tail is set at a low angle on their body.

Weight and Size
The male American Bulldog weigh between 75 to 125 pounds and stand at the height of 22 to 28 inches. The female American Bulldog weigh between 60 and 100 pounds, while they are 20 to 25 inches tall. The males come with heavier bone structure and stockier build compared to the females.


Color and Coat
Their coats are short and smooth, while its color comes in various shades of white, brown, red, tan, fawn and brindle. The most common of these colors is the white.

Like most short-haired dog breeds, they are low maintenance. But it doesn’t mean that they should be left alone. Regularly brushing their coat will keep their shedding all year round at a moderate level. It will also keep their hair unruly, too. The baths should only be given when they ran themselves into much or when they start to smell. The wrinkles on the face should be dried and regularly wiped so as to prevent the build up of bacteria. There is also extra care to be done on the wrinkles after they take a bath, too. They are also prone to get bad breath, so a daily or weekly tooth brushing must be performed to prevent them from losing their tooth later in life.