Playtime Ideas When Playing With Your American Bulldog

Playing is the important activity between you, as the owner, and your american bulldog. Not only this activity will bring you closer with your bulldog but it will also increase the socialization for the dog and will develop confidence and assurance when playing. If you’re planning to start from the beginning by buying a american bulldog puppy, then you will know that it is a big responsibility for you. You have to be sure that your pup is happy and contented, healthy and safe. Because if you just bought the puppy without be prepared then you will be in a lot of trouble.


When you’re ready to begin adopting the puppy, then you know what you’ve gotten yourself into. It takes a lot of your time and patience when training and discipling your dog. However the important training that your puppy needs to know at the early age is playtime. This is important for you as the owner and your puppy. The playtime activity is the perfect opportunity for you to form a friendship between man and beast.

Here are some of the fun ideas when playing with your american bulldog puppy.

● Learn your puppy’s behavior. It is a good start to learn about your pups behavior as earlier as possible. You might notice the things that you puppy likes to play with and so use that as an opportunity to start with your playtime.
● Stop any form of bad habits before it develops. If you notice that he’s developing bad habits be sure to be quick and efficient when discipling him. Bad habits will become a problem when he grows into an adult.
● Observe your american bulldog carefully. Watch carefully for any signs as your puppy plays. It is important to know if your dog is aggressive or friendly when socializing with other humans and dogs. At least you will know your pup’s moods.
● Train your puppy as soon as you can. Train them when they’re still young. They will learn to listen to your commands easily but it takes time, so repeat the process until they get it.


You got the basics already the rest will be up to you. It takes imagination, creativity and great timing to know what your puppy’s preference are. As your pup grows into a proper adult, your pet will soon learn to associate the training and playtime that they had when they were little as you being its provider, leader and master, so the bulldog will surely follow your words and listen to your commands more easily. Naturally, american bulldogs are aggressive as they grow but with time and patience, you can handle these type of breed flawlessly.

Should You Put Your American Bulldog In An Outdoor Dog Kennel?

Owners need to weigh their options on whether it is best to put their dog in a kennel or not. Some think that it is cruel to put their dogs into kennel since it is like a prison but others think it is a safe haven for dogs as they treat it as their own little home.

Just think about how a king has his own castle to keep, your lovable canine loves to have one of its own, too. It is not cruel – it is where they find themselves safe.

When you consider a kennel for your dog, you need to weigh your options whether it is for indoors or outdoors. There are also dog owners that choose wooden kennels because they find it most appropriate. It doesn’t matter what kind of kennel you choose as long as you consider giving your dog one.

Redefining what a dog kennel is – it is a containment structure that allows you to keep your dog safe, whether you are playing, doing something else or going for a ride somewhere. Here are some of the advantages of getting a kennel.

Your dog will have a safe place where they can run and stave off those excess energy. You do not have to worry about your dog escaping and even face a lot of dangers in your neighborhood. The kennel system will keep your dog from running into a very busy road or even encounter with other animals that are potentially dangerous.

By keeping your bulldog in a safe place, they’re going to have plenty of room to run around and play. This is going to greatly tire them out. In fact, an outdoor dog kennel is the most popular thing that dog owners buy for their bulldog.

It will also protect your landscape. Remember the time when you let your dog loose for a couple of hours only to find out that they did some remodeling on your garden? The kennel can help you with that. But this is not only to protect your landscape from getting deformed. It is also to protect your dog from eating flowers and other plants that will be toxic to them.

They are also easy to assemble, too. You can put together a simple kennel in just a couple of hours. Since most of the kennels sold at markets are built in compartments, you can put them into shapes that suit your needs best. It doesn’t even matter if you go for the more complex kennel since it can still be assembled on the concrete floor during the weekend. It is also an easy and quick way to keep your yard, home and dog protected. You can find outside dog kennel reviews at

Why Is It Important To Properly Groom Your American Bulldogs

All dogs, especially American Bulldogs, are in need of a proper good cleaning. They deserve to have their furs to be wash, their hairs cut and trimmed, and give them a good proper hygiene. After all having a pet god takes a lot of time and patience on your part as the owner because purebred dogs are high maintenance, but this kind of breed, the American bulldog, is a different story. The American bulldog is the easiest breed dog in regards to grooming. Their hairs are short and thin, and they only shed in an average rate, so this type of dog is not a shedder unlike other dogs.


In regards to high maintenance, the American bulldog isn’t. But that doesn’t mean that you’re in a clear. You have to take note of their health just to ensure that their in good condition. If you neglect the time to give your dog the proper care that it needs then they will be swarmed by lice, and will be developing molds spots on their bodies because of the lack of proper hygiene, thus the bacteria will surely invade their bodies, eventually their health.

These are the common steps when taking care of your pet American Bulldog in order to avoid these scenarios events.

1. Give their furs a good wash. In order to prevent your pet dog from having fleas and dirty coat of fur, washing their coat is a good start. By soaping and shampooing their hair will remove all the dirty mud that stick to their furs and washes away potential pest that clings to their body.

2. Brush their furs constantly. After washing their coat the next step is combing their hair. This will remove some of the loose hair, untangled their hair and straightening it to its perfect condition.

3. Brush their teeth. Be sure to brush their teeth as well, this will give their canine fangs clean and minty fresh.

4. Take proper care of their ears. Be sure to check their ears as well in order to avoid having the dog developed a infection by wiping any ear wax with a clean washcloth.


It is important to give the time to take care of your dog’s bodily needs in order to avoid having them infected with germs, bacteria and unwanted invaders that will slowly deteriorate their health. Giving them proper grooming and hygienic care will insure that.

American Bulldog – What are its Weaknesses?

The average lifespan of the American Bulldog breed is between 8 and 14 years. The concerns over this breed when it comes to its health surrounds with congenital deafness, bone cancer, thyroid, entropion, and hip dysplasia.


They have very high rates of elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia, which is according to the Orthopedic Foundation of America. The group evaluated the breed’s hip X-rays from some 1218 and from that figure, they found about 32 percent of them have dysplastic problems, which is the 15th worst figure of the 142 breeds. Added to that, 20% of the study showed elbow X-rays have dysplastic problems, too. This is on the 7th of the 82 dog breed. But this is only based on this number in the study. The true rates have an entirely higher figure since most of the bad X-rays did not make it to the study to get an official evaluation.

Aside from the dysplastic problems, the eye entropion problem is particularly common among the American Bulldog breed that has facial folds that are heavy.

American Bulldogs also develop a lot of skin problems, too. Demodectic mange develops mostly in this breed, particularly on adolescents and puppies. The allergies associated with this problem cause itchiness and can lead to bacterial infection on the skin such as pyoderma.

They also have the tendency to inherit deafness from the previous generation or one of the two American Bulldogs bred together that has the problem.

Preventing Health Issues
Some problems associated with the American Bulldog are genetic, meaning that they are inherited from their parents. These inherited health issues have become an increasing problem in this breed these days because of unwise practices with breeding.

The other health issues are environmental, meaning that it was caused by the way owners raised their dogs.

Concerns about this breed
If you wish to adopt this dog breed into your family, you should consider the things that will prevent the health issues above from happening.


Look for a reputable breeder that practices good breeding techniques so as not to end up with a puppy that has the genetic health concerns of its parents.

You should always engage in exercise with your American Bulldog, especially with mental stimulation. If you don’t, they will express their boredom from being left without expending their energy on excessive barking and even chewing all of your things at your lawn or inside your home.

American Bulldog – What are its Strengths?

The strengths of an American Bulldog lies heavily on their personality traits. These muscular dogs possess great strength, confidence, determination, and tenacity. This breed is best to own by the most active people in life, especially the ones that are interested in developing the breed’s athletic abilities in farm work, hunting, agility, obedience and pulling on weight. They are usually self-possessed and calm; he needs to be engaged in a vigorous exercise to keep them happy and well fit.


This breed’s attitude when it comes to strangers vary, whether it is standoffish or friendly. People should not take their friendly American Bulldogs as they do not make a good guard dog – they can also be vigilant guardians for their owners. It is a must for them to socialize them with other dogs and even more human contact to promote their discriminating and stable temperament. They can become destructive when they are left alone for too long, but it lives for the family that they live with. There are aggression problems associated with American Bulldogs, which is why early socialization is a must for them. It will also help them if they socialize with other animal species, too, especially with the cats.

They are strong-willed, but he can learn fast and respect the owner who is both consistent and confident.

Due to the image that the media and the public have placed on dog breeds that look like the pit bull, American Bulldogs are recommended to be put on a leash outside the yard and must be trained with the most basic obedience.


This is the right breed for you if…
1) Very strong-willed, powerful and muscular look of a dog, built like they are modeled after a Mack truck
2) They look very imposing, and because of this kind of shape, it can be used as an effective deterrent. However, they are good-natured that can deal well with people
3) They thrive a lot with aggressive, athletic activities
4) A low-maintenance dog that has a sleek coat that is easy to groom

This is not the right breed for you if…
1) If you do not like large dogs that take up a lot of space in the car or your house
2) Aggressive exercises
3) Exuberant jumping and rowdiness, especially when they are young
4) The tendency to be aggressive toward other animals
5) One that needs a lot of socializing to get well with other animals, dog breed and people

American Bulldog – Its Physical Appearances

The American Bulldog is well-built, look stocky with meat, not to mention it’s got some powerful jaws. They have a higher height on the leg and even got agility even better than their English brothers, but still got that fair and square compact body. If you take a look at history, the breed is mainly white colored, but over the years they have grown into different color patterns such as brindle, fawn, brown, red and black.


The merle and blue colors are usually not desirable, not to mention it does not pass the quality standard for this breed. The nose and eye rims must be black, although some pink is passable. They have straight, strong and heavy front legs, while their hind legs are thick and broad; and muscles that are well defined. They have square heads, thick necks, and wide chests. The preferred standard bite of its teeth is the reverse scissor, yet the scissor and under bite do not disqualify the breed when they participate in the show ring. There is no single shape for the ears – the variety is of shapes like a rose, forward flap, half-pricked and cropped. Their tail is set at a low angle on their body.

Weight and Size
The male American Bulldog weigh between 75 to 125 pounds and stand at the height of 22 to 28 inches. The female American Bulldog weigh between 60 and 100 pounds, while they are 20 to 25 inches tall. The males come with heavier bone structure and stockier build compared to the females.


Color and Coat
Their coats are short and smooth, while its color comes in various shades of white, brown, red, tan, fawn and brindle. The most common of these colors is the white.

Like most short-haired dog breeds, they are low maintenance. But it doesn’t mean that they should be left alone. Regularly brushing their coat will keep their shedding all year round at a moderate level. It will also keep their hair unruly, too. The baths should only be given when they ran themselves into much or when they start to smell. The wrinkles on the face should be dried and regularly wiped so as to prevent the build up of bacteria. There is also extra care to be done on the wrinkles after they take a bath, too. They are also prone to get bad breath, so a daily or weekly tooth brushing must be performed to prevent them from losing their tooth later in life.

Personality Traits of American Bull Dogs

Dogs are known to be “man’s best friend” as well as loyal to their owners. Among the animals in the animal kingdom, dogs can be trained to be protectors of your home or fun playmates. They are a variety of dogs in the world and reside in different areas as well. With dogs, you can have complete trust in them due their nature of being loyal.The American Bull Dogs are unique breads of dog for their large head, muscular build, stockiness, and are strong-looking dog. They can be protectors of your home and a fun loving part of your family.

American bulldogs
American bulldogs

The American Bull Dogs are active dogs which mean you get to have fun with playing with them or teaching them new tricks. They are also confident and social, you wouldn’t have to have problems introducing to your friends, family and kids. If you have your own family, these dogs won’t give you problems due them being at ease with their families. The American Bull Dogs require attention, so you should give them time and affection since you’re their owner and since they are dogs, they are very loyal to you. They also bond strongly to their owners which is good.

If you have children, the American Bull Dog wouldn’t be much of a problem with you since they have good tolerance. These dogs also have a good catch and hold. So if you’re jogging with your dog and found yourself with a wild boar, the American Bull Dog can hold for you. They are also playful and active and can be protectors of your farm, if you love farming. They can also work and play all day so if you have nothing to do, they can keep you company and they also ask for a fun loving belly rub for you. If you’re the outdoorsy type, these dogs are the best for you since they enjoy playing outside.


The American Bull Dog can be a fun loving family pet dog and a strong, confident protector dog. You wouldn’t have to worry about your kids since these dogs have very good tolerance. They can also good for outdoor activities and can bark on people they are not familiar with. They can also hold wild boars, should you ever face them and they are active dogs which means you wouldn’t get bored with them since they enjoy playing with you.

How To Take Care Of American Bulldogs

An American Bulldog is a stocky, strong looking dog, well built, with a large head and a muscular build. Their coat is generally smooth and short. They also possess amazing strength, determination, confidence and tenacity. Should you ever enjoy a good jog at the park, this breed of is a good partner for you. Because they are living, breathing animals, they also have their own needs like you. To ensure that your American Bulldog is happy and healthy, here are some ways that can help you to take care of your American Bulldog.


• Active Dog
The American Bulldog enjoys doing activities, that is why it is important for you to play around it so that it can use up their energy rather than allowing it store and turn into fats. Allowing it to go with you when you exercise can be a good activity for them.

• Health
Ensure that your American Bulldog gets check up on at your veterinarian clinic so that it can have its necessary immunization. This is to ensure that your dog doesn’t have any germs or parasite living in it and for the dog to remain healthy and active.

• Food
Because the American Bulldog is a big dog, giving it proper diet is really important. This is also to prevent any unwanted illness or germs to come to your dog. Make sure that their dog food is in good quality and their water is clean. Don’t allow them to go to your trash bin because they might eat something unnecessary.

• Hygiene
Because of the American Bulldogs’ coat being short and generally being smooth, giving it a bath wouldn’t be much of a problem. You can just give them a bath they are starting to stink or when they play around dirt.


• Training
In order for your American Bulldog to be well discipline and will obey your commands, train them as early and possible. Giving them rewards is also a good way to discipline them and giving them attention also helps.

Taking care of American Bulldogs will be fun and will take a lot of responsibility. But the result will be worth it because they will be there to protect you at any cost and since they are an intelligent breed of dog, training wouldn’t be much of a problem for you. By ensuring that your American Bulldog is well taken care of, they will stay by your side like a loyal dog should do.